Life in Texas

It has been a little over a year since our lives moved to East Texas to serve in our new church First Baptist Nacogdoches. While it was hard to leave our friends in Ohio, we were looking forward to what God had in store for our family.  This move was the first move for Rae(other than leaving China) and second for the Emily and Hannah. We were blessed to have served in our church for nearly 12 years.

Hubby moved in March before the rest of us. Our lives were in such limbo from February to June of last year. It felt like a long goodbye for those months.  There were trips back and forth between TX and OH. Workers were in our home helping us get it ready to go on the market. The girls and I were trying to finish school up and get ready for the end of the school year events. We had plays, concerts, and parties.  We did not like being apart for those months, but we thought it was the best for the girls.  They were all active in many things, and it was Hannah’s senior year.

In the year since leaving Ohio, God has blessed our family in so many ways.  He has confirmed that this is where He wants us to be.  Our church has wrapped their arms around us and welcomed us.  We have been overwhelmed by God’s goodness through His people.

Several things have changed in our family in the last year.  Hannah is off to college at the University of South Carolina.  Her first semester was a challenge, but she has made a turnaround and flourishing. Hannah is women’s ministry leader for BCM and senior news writer for The Daily Gamecock.  She loves her classes and friends she has made while in college. She already has a job for the summer, and she can’t wait for it.  Emily is doing well as a full-time high school student.  It keeps her busy doing homework, practicing band, or practicing tennis. One thing she is excited about is starting the Emily Club at her school. Evidently, there are many Emily’s here and friends of Emily, and they have created an official club at the school. It is quite funny. It is also hard to believe that Emily will be getting ready for her senior year next year.  She knows what she wants to do, and now she has to figure out where she wants to go.  Rae has become quite the young lady with some fashion sense.  She started attending a private Christian school in January. It was not an easy decision, but we felt it was the best decision for her.  She is doing really well in school. She has had to work very hard, and it has not been easy. Her teachers have been great to her, and she has some great little friends.

With all the changes for the girls, it has been different for me. I am no longer homeschooling. It has been weird. It has allowed me to do some more ministry things, and to go out and have lunch with friends and see people.  This time is also allowing me to work on getting our home in order and do those projects that have been put off for many years. I am working three days a week. I teach group piano in an after-school program at a local church and the accompanist for a middle school and high school choir in the area.  I have been able to continue my photography business, but I am not sure about the baking.  I have enjoyed the break, and I bake for friends for fun.

I hope to keep you more up to date with us and with things on my heart.

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