Prom Dress Shopping

Prom dress shopping is not for the faint of heart.  Where to go? What style? What color? Shoes, jewelry, hair? Prom is not our first dance to deal with. The girls have gone to dances, but prom dresses were not required.  Hannah didn’t have a desire to go to prom last year even though some of her friends wanted her to go with them.

This year is a new story, like many other things year.  Emily wants to go with her friends, so we started looking.  We started looking online because she wants a yellow dress. Yellow is her signature color.  Well, we did find some she kind of likes, but we thought to look in person would be a better option to see what style work for her.  Finding a yellow dress that she likes and under budget proved to be difficult. Plan B.

We had to go to Houston this week, so we made a day of it. Upon entering the store, we headed to the yellow dresses – no good. So we decided to find some to try on. One thing we did require was it to lean toward the more modest side – nothing too tight, see-through, or too low. One of Emily’s requirements – nothing too sparkly.  With all of this, thankfully we did find a dress.  She looks beautiful in it. She cannot wait for it to wear it and have fun at prom.


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