A Simple Toolbox

This is just a simple toolbox made and used by a simple man, my dad.  I’m not sure when it was made, but I remember seeing it around when I was growing up.  My dad was a journeyman wireman for IBEW Local 917 for most of my life.  His work took him all over the South working on various jobs.  I remember a job where he worked in Dallas, and mom and I were able to come see him during spring break.  Another job took him to Spring Hill, TN where he worked on wiring the now-defunct Saturn car plant. Some jobs were local and able to stay at home while others were far away, and he stayed and worked there.

My dad was a hard worker whether it was on the job, at home, or at the church.  This toolbox reminds me of him. It was one of the things I wanted when he died along with some of his tools.  Sadly some of those were stolen from us by a worker many years ago, but I still have this.  It makes me happy to have a part of him with me.  Hubby actually used it some, but it just sat in our basement after he got a fancier toolbox.

My dad passed away when my hubby and I were dating.  It is sad to think of what he has missed whether it was walking me down the aisle, meeting his grandchildren, or helping us with our renovations.  In our move, I found the toolbox again.  Hubby mistakingly tried to put it in our yard sale, but I rescued it.  I wanted to repurpose it.

If you go to any craft/home decor store you see all forms of galvanized items.  Who knew my dad one day would be trendy.  This simple little toolbox has been cleaned up and refreshed.  I’m not sure what the handle was originally made from, but over the years it has been covered with electrical tape, most likely for safety around electricity. Now, I recovered the handle with jute rope and to find a new use for it.  I will likely make it a planter because my dad always enjoyed working with plants when he was between jobs.  I am just happy that I have this in my home. Love you Dad!

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